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This is a little gui that copies files from one directory to another directory. You can specify a step to selectively copy files (such as every tenth file, etc). I originally wrote this code to copy every nth pair of stereo images from one directory to another so there's an option for that (if selected, the code assumes the stereo images have a trailing \_0 or \_1 to specify left image and right image. It will copy pairs of images and count each pair as a file). This code requires wxPython. The gui was created using wxGlade. To compile the source to a Windoze binary, make sure you have py2exe installed and run python py2exe. The executable will be in the dist directory. To compile the source into a Mac OS X app, make sure you have py2app installed and run python py2app.


Published: July 16, 2008

Author: jmhobbs

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