Spring 2022

There is never a dull moment in Salt Lake City. April showers are here and that means power outages. We did a few art projects, we sang Johnny Cash songs, and headed to the movies to watch The Bad Guys. The power came back around midnight.

Easter 2022

Mario went on a campout with the young men. He loves spending time with the YM. He was really proud of working on the fire at the cabin. I also saw a goose on my way to ward council on top of the building.

Spring break 2022

This month we had wonderful activities. Our ward became bigger because the Bonneville stake dissolved the 31st ward. Half of the members of that ward are coming to our amazing ward

Bogotá, Colombia

We arrived at 2am. The airport was empty. We downloaded the Easy Taxi app and most of our taxi rides were around $1.50-$3.00 dollars. That is a steal. The taxis have their ID numbers written on the side door.

2021 July - December

We bought a cabin and paid it off! Jared will write a separate blog post about the cabin renovations. These are some photos of the cabin The Hobbs Hollow. We are currently remodeling everything to our own taste.