MacVim 64-bit nightly builds for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

Since I couldn't find any prebuilt 64 bit MacVim binaries for Snow Leopard, I decided to provide a nightly build here. You can download it by clicking this link: MacVim nightly build

For more information, check out the MacVim Google code site: MacVim

UPDATE: The official nightly binaries are now being built as universal 32/64 bit binaries. You can get the official nightly binary here. However, the official nightly has no Perl support and uses Python 2.5. My nightly has Perl enabled and is build against the default Snow Leopard install of Python 2.6. The full list of enabled features in my nightly build is as follows: arabic autocmd browse builtin_terms byte_offset cindent clientserver clipboard cmdline_compl cmdline_hist cmdline_info comments cryptv cscope cursorshape dialog_con_gui diff digraphs dnd emacs_tags eval ex_extra extra_search farsi file_in_path find_in_path float folding fork() fullscreen iconv insert_expand jumplist keymap langmap libcall linebreak lispindent listcmds localmap menu mksession modify_fname mouse mouseshape mouse_dec mouse_netterm mouse_xterm multi_byte multi_lang netbeans_intg odbeditor path_extra perl postscript printer profile python quickfix reltime rightleft ruby scrollbind signs smartindent statusline syntax tag_binary tag_old_static tcl terminfo termresponse textobjects title toolbar transparency user_commands vertsplit virtualedit visual visualextra viminfo vreplace wildignore wildmenu windows writebackup xim


Published: October 09, 2009

Author: jmhobbs

Word Count: 199


10.6 64-bit leopard mac snow software vim

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