UPDATED: MacFUSE 2.1.7 BETA for 64-bit Snow Leopard and Macfusion 2.0.4 for Snow Leopard

UPDATE: The MacFUSE build below was a quick hack to get it working but has some problems with locks. There's another build floating around with a working lock implementation, version 2.1.9 (download link here). However, another fork of MacFUSE popped up called Fuse4X which is actively maintained and has working 64-bit builds. I'm using it on Lion right now and it works great! Here's the link to the downloads: Fuse4X

If you were using the hacked build below, use this instead!

[MacFUSE][3] is currently compiled for a 32 bit kernel. If you're running the 64 bit kernel like me and need to use MacFUSE to mount sshfs, you'll need to compile the app from source. Or, you can download it here, along with a Snow Leopard build of Macfusion. [Macfusion][4] is a GUI frontend to MacFUSE which lets you easily setup SFTP and FTP mounts.

[3]: http://code.google.com/p/macfuse/ [4]: http://www.macfusionapp.org/


Published: April 22, 2010

Author: jmhobbs

Word Count: 167


64-bit fuse4x leopard lion mac macfuse macfusion snow sshfs


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