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For those who don't know, is offering 50GB of free storage to iPad and iPhone users for a limited time. I signed up for an account and wanted to access this 50GB from my headless linux box. offers access through WebDAV so the first thing I tried was mounting via davfs2. Mounting worked but I was unable to access any of my directories. File access was fine but creating a directory resulted in an html file instead. 

As a workaround, I stumbled across a FUSE filesystem called boxfs. Mounting my account via boxfs works great and everything is working as it should. Here's how I got it working:

  1. Install dependencies: $ sudo apt-get install libxml2-dev libfuse-dev libcurl4-gnutls-dev libzip-dev fuse-utils
  2. Compile and install libapp: 
    • $ git clone
    • $ cd libapp
    • $ make
    • $ sudo make install
  3. Compile and install boxfs:
    • $ svn co boxfs
    • $ cd boxfs
    • $ vi Makefile (add -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 to the end of the FLAGS line)
    • $ make
    • $ sudo make install
    • $ sudo ldconfig
  4. Create box config file ($ vi ~/.boxfs) and add the following info: username = [email protected] mountpoint = /mnt/ verbose = yes secure = yes password = password largefiles = yes
  5. Change permission of config file: $ chmod 600 ~/.boxfs
  6. Create the mountpoint you specified in the config file: $ sudo mkdir /mnt/
  7. Mount the directory: $ boxfs -f ~/.boxfs


Published: October 25, 2011

Author: jmhobbs

Word Count: 240


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